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In this article, we will talk about how to create a 21 day fix Meal Plan for portion control. The 21 day Fix Meal Plan is the most popular and most used by the people in the world. It is such a simple nutrition plan, and the portion control program played very well to lose weight in 21 days. We highly recommend using this plan to lose weight and control portion of your body. The 21-days Fix Meal Plan allows you to Gain or Lose extra weight of your body and also provides a good understanding of how to control portion size and eat clean.

What is the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan?

The 21 day Meal Plan is the very useful method for planning and eating healthy Food. It is also a portion-control eating plan to maintain your body weight. You can download below 21 day fix eating plan pdf files for your reference to follow simple steps to create a 21 Day Fix meal plan:

Step 1: First of all, Download and print out a Weekly Meal Planning, 21 Day Fix worksheet, and a Shopping list.

# 21 Days Fix Worksheet.pdf

# 21 Days Fix Shopping List.pdf

# 21 Days Fix Weekly Meal Plan.pdf

Step 2: Now create the master list of clean and healthy eating recipes. You can find lots of great healthy clean eating recipes on the internet. And they save it somewhere for easy to access.

Step 3: After this, Tick Marks the Color coded Containers as you include things to your list. The Colored boxes represent the color of containers for your meal planning. Once you add something to your Meal plan, you have to Tick Right mark on the colored boxes.

Step 4:  Start planning the easiest meal for the Breakfast then plan for Lunch and Dinner Meal. A lot of people usually eat the same Meal for breakfast or also switches between a few options so fill breakfast slot first.

Here’s we have listed top Five tips for faster 21 Day Fix Meal preparation

#1. Buy pre-cooked proteins like Chicken Breast or Fish

#2. Buy pre-cut or frozen herbs and Vegetables

#3. High-protein Snacks and Boil eggs

#4. Roast all vegetables and bake sweet potatoes

#5. Chop all cucumbers, carrot, and other raw vegetables for salads

We hope this article about 21 day fix planners pdf files and guide has helped you.

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