Freewill’s Customised Haircare Kit – We Tried it


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FreeWill Packaging

We have recently received Freelwill’s customized Haircare kit that was included a freewill shampoo, freewill serum, and freewill conditioner for hair. We have given it a try for a week to see it’s experienced with my hair.

While ordering from Freewill’s website, we get quiz-like questions about our self so that they can help us with a more customized product that suits us. Once you confirm all those questions, you get suggestions about the best product that suits yourself. I have received the package of the product, the packaging was good, and also the quantity was good.

FreeWill Packaging

The sample product was customized and even the label was having my name printed on it. Thanks to the Freewill team for that.

At first, using the shampoo, I felt my hair bouncier than usual. I was usually washing my hair on daily basis and this was the biggest reason for hair fall but after using this product. I used to wash every two days instead of a daily basis.

Freewill Shampoo & conditional

We have previously discussed the best shampoo in India which received a huge response from our readers and we thought we should also include this shampoo in that list as well. But creating a separate article for this will help readers to find more about it.

I have not used serum yet but will be sharing its review as soon as I get time to use it. Right now, I have been using Freewill shampoo and conditioner. I thought of using it for a week but after using it for a few days, I thought I should use it until it gets finished. I hope my experience with this Freewill product will be as expected.

Will I recommend the Freewill haircare kit?

Yes in my case. But you should also note that it comes with a price tag above 1500INR per kit. No product gives you instant results and you should wait for the long term for any hair care product to get expected results. However, you should try at least one of you are tired of other expensive hair care products in the market.

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